Yoga Teacher Training Manual

In 1999 I began an epic yoga journey. I call it epic because it’s the only thing that has been consistent in my life for that long. I began practicing 6 days/week within the first month of my first class. Everything in my life changed in order to make space for my time in the studio. It’s still difficult to explain why. I can come close by saying that somehow the practice facilitated an improved management of my life choices. I was so desperate for everyone to feel the same empowerment, that I enrolled in teacher training and began teaching shortly after my first year of practice.

My first teacher training was 2 years long. I took a month long intensive on the heels of that certificate, and then a few years later, enrolled in a yoga mentorship program. Each program and instructor offered a different view of the practice, and enhanced my understanding. Thirteen years into my yoga journey, I began writing a teacher training program. Drawing from my experience of Anatomy and physiology to make a key distinction between the motions of yoga and the benefits of an informed practice. Extracting the most enriching aspects of my training, practice and teaching, it took a year to write.

I taught the program for several years, and each time was challenged further by the inquisitiveness of the students.

In the summer of 2016 I retired from teaching to focus solely on my massage therapy practice. While I miss the engagement of the students, I am enthralled by the depths of the body, and each day takes me deeper into its wonders.

The program contents and syllabus are available for sale, and I would be so honoured to see it embraced by those of you who cannot help but share the practice that has shaped you.

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