Advanced Yoga Training Manual

Want to offer an advanced yoga teacher training? Or update your existing program?

You have the experience and skill to teach a program, but you do not have the time or resources to lay it out? We’ve done the work for you.

*Yoga Teacher Training programs are what bring community to a studio. Having an in-house training encourages students to automatically trust the teaching staff in your space. The initial cost of this purchase can be recovered with less than 10 students enrolled (and it’s yours for years to come).
A great program is an investment in the longevity of your project.

A large percentage of yoga teacher training students enroll to deepen their practice rather than teach… this program was constructed with the main goal of inspiring casual students to experience first hand how transformative a deeper practice can be. Whether you plan to be a certification school or not, this Practice Centred Yoga Immersion is more than a teacher training.

A unique program that sheds light on the physiological affects of yoga on the body and mind. Through exploration of the parallels between subtle and gross anatomy, eastern concepts and modern science, students come away with a deeper understanding of what asana is really doing.

The BodyWell Practice Centered Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training is a 150+ page manual/workbook exceeding the requirements for Yoga Alliance 500, 300 and 200 certifications.

The unique features of this program allow you to offer it on an ongoing basis with no set beginning or end (which means students may join in anytime and complete as their schedule allows). Your studio will benefit from an ongoing flow of trainees while eliminating the barriers that family and social schedules place upon potential TT students.

Purchase A-la-Carte, or as a complete Program:

  • 150 page manual/workbook.
  • teaching syllabus +module tests.


View the program layout and sample the material:

Download sample program layout HERE

BodyWell ran the program 7 days/month from 6-8am with weekend and evening components offered bi-montly. Students found it easy to attend where their schedule allowed. The majority of other TT programs are held evenings and weekends; we marketed to the strength of not having to give up these precious times to attend . The program is modifiable to fit whatever hours you decide.

***note that each module is designed for all levels of practice. We trained all ages between 18 and 70+ !

Each module comes with a set of pages to add to their workbook, building a comprehensive reference guide based on their chosen courses.

Take a peek at sample workbook pages HERE

Module Descriptions (click)

Sun Salutations

Deepen your yoga experience through the sun salutation practice.

This course integrates practice with alignment, breath, and the concepts of the sun salutation’s physiological benefits to the body.

Explore the varied styles of practice within the workshop to enhance your yoga experience. Surya namaskar A & B, classic sun salutations and the meditative experience of 108 Sun Salutations.

Anatomical focus in on the cardiovascular system and fluid flow through the body.


In this workshop we will review anatomical structures of the pelvis and discover how restrictions in the hips can affect the health of the knees and lower back.

Learn how the standing poses set the foundation and prepare the hips for the deeper openings that follow through some of the more advanced asanas of the seated series.

All levels of practitioners will experience how to deepen and move towards lotus and even getting a leg behind the head!

Standing Asanas

Explore the key standing asanas.

In this workshop we will review anatomical structures of the foot, lower leg, and muscles that cross the knee. We will practice through stillness and flow, weight bearing and not. Viewing challenge from the ground up.

Integrate stability and balance into your life through the demands of the standing poses.

Deep Forward Bends

Understanding the relationship between the abdominal muscles, pelvic floor and muscles of the inner thighs brings insight into the challenges of deep forward bends.

Forward bending is a practice of introspection that requires a balance between strength and softness. This practice strengthens the core, releases the lower back and directs the breath into the deep recesses of our cells.


The shoulder is one of the most mobile joints in the body, making it also the most susceptible to injury.

In this workshop we will explore the anatomy of the shoulder and the nerve structures that impact its use to build a better understanding of how some of the most simple yoga asanas can put this joint at risk for injury if not executed properly.

Asana focus will be on sun salutations, back bending and complicated shoulder positions as a means of safe practice and rehabilitating injury.

Long Holds & Yoga Therapy

You have not experienced the challenge of yoga until you have done a long hold practice! From long hold contraction to long hold release, the manner in which we practice dictates how fluids flow through and nourish the cells of our body.

When life becomes a challenge, do you knuckle down and charge ahead, or throw your hands in the air and surrender?The long hold practice teaches us how to manage those difficult times through the practice. Build strength and learn to soften both on and off the mat.

The Yoga Therapy aspect of this module teaches us what the nervous system is doing in practice. We learn the limbs of the central nervous system, the concept of homeostasis and how to best support our students through the fluctuations that arise both in the mind and body during practice.

Deep Back Bends

The back bending practice stimulates the nervous system and opens the heart energetically. It is a challenging practice that asks the practitioner to bend over backwards without losing ground.

Beginning with the mechanics of upward dog and cobra, all the way to the deep spinal extensions of the advanced practices. We will open our shoulders and hips while exploring the anatomy relating to back bends.

Together, easing our way deeper and deeper into what lies behind us and our ability to extend in a new way.


The twisting asanas have greater impact on spinal health and digestive function than any of the other yoga practices, yet receives very little attention in a regular class.

In this workshop we will explore the smaller muscles of the spine, and review circulation to the abdominal organs. We will twist standing, sitting, balancing and even up-side-down!


Everybody up-side-down!

The inversion practice requires great study of one’s practice and self.

To be inverted in a calm state, allowing ease of breath while the organs receive optimal blood flow and oxygen from the lungs is to truly know your strength.

In this workshop we will study the relevant anatomy to not only achieve proper inversions, but what can inhibit your success as well. From shoulder stand, through arm balances, all the way to headstand… get ready to experience gravity from another perspective!

Ashtanga Intensive (4 weeks)

The true benefits of yoga appear through a daily practice. The Ashtanga Vinyasa system of practice offers practitioners a platform for growth through a meditative flow with focus on breath. We will learn the series with lead instruction on Monday and Wednesday, and move at our own pace through traditional Mysore style on Fridays (we’ll teach you how!)


The greatest gift of any yoga practice is the breath. So often the physical challenge of the postures have us so tied up that we forget to breathe. The flow practice brings us back to the vinyasa of breath.

In this workshop we will integrate the balance between breath, bandha and drishti, while experiencing spontaneous meditation as these three siblings unite in our practice.

Package Prices (click)

*Yoga Teacher Training programs are what bring community to a studio. Having an in-house training encourages students to automatically trust the teaching staff in your space. The initial cost of the program can be covered by fewer than 10 students enrolled. A great program is an investment in the longevity of your project.

Digital Workbooks: $25 Anatomy Basics • $60 Asana Manual

Teach the content your way, and have students purchase their own copy of the manual to be used in your program, or advance your personal study and work your way through the materials on your own.

$15 000 CAD Manual/Workbook (unlimited printable PDF)
Gives your existing program a new look and offers students a comprehensive reference that builds through your teachings.

  • The Anatomy Basics book is a 40 page illustrated workbook with sections on anatomical terms, bones, and muscles. The completed workbook becomes a reference for students building practices based on movements that consider antagonist and synergist muscle groups.
  • The first 25 pages of the Studio Manual will lay out for students how the program is structured. It includes a glossary of sanskrit terms, templates for completing homework and building a class, definitions of the Yamas and Niyamas (on and off the mat), teaching principles and more.
  • The Asana Manual (82 pages) includes the practice notes, anatomy focus and asanas for all 11 modules plus a bonus Mula Bandha package which can be embedded in one of the modules or taught as a smaller weekend workshop. The practice notes introduce the aspect of the module will focus on. Anatomy pages teach the appropriate muscle groups. Asana pages are to be marked up with directional arrows, contraindications, benefits etc so your students build their teaching reference as they learn.

$2000 CAD
Your studio logo on 80% of the workbook/manual pages (BodyWell visible 20%). Contact Christine for 98% branding rates.

$5000 CAD
The complete teaching syllabus for 11 modules, module tests and homework outline/calendar.

  • The syllabus will allow you to take the program and begin teaching it immediately. This add on will give you a daily map for presenting each module. You bring the expertise and fill in any gaps to make it your own.

Purchase of the program in any form includes:

  • Printable PDF files of all material in your chosen package
  • Module descriptions for your website
  • Completed “track” for certifying your school with Yoga Alliance
  • Information package for your students outlining how the program works

*All rates subject to applicable taxes (13% HST), discounts available when the entire content is purchased as a package, or with full payment. Payment plans available by request.

Contact Christine for all inquiries

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