Christine Anderson RMT

Christine is extremely good at two things:

1. Identifying and teaching clients how to eliminate their pain

2. Massage Therapy

As much as these points may seem to go together, as a registered massage therapist and founder of BodyWell Therapies, Christine has found that a multi-tasking body is integrating only part of an experience. Her approach is singular, based on your goals. Because each option requires a different skill, two professional bios make sense 😉


Christine’s mission is to over-deliver results. The goal is not to provide a temporary fix. Precisely identifying dysfunction, educating clients on how it came about, and empowering them with the tools to recover quickly and more permanently, that’s the goal.

In 2003, at an advanced yoga teacher training in Colorado, Christine was invited into a private anatomy lab where she observed a human dissection in progress. With many questions, she returned (uninvited) the next day—a year later, she completed her first full body dissection. Lacking a solid career path, yoga, thai massage, and a good credit score, proved enough to fund her casual (and expensive) anatomy and movement education lifestyle. Driven by passion, it never occurred to her that the unique learning would have a future use.

Today, Christine has amassed more than 500 hours of dissection and hundreds of thousands of hours in the laboratory of her own movement—knowledge that has transcended what books alone could offer. The anatomy lab provided the opportunity to look beneath the skin, move a donor body, and observe everything affected by that movement. Through her yoga practice, those experiments were brought to life, specifically once she began applying the knowledge to her own injuries and chronic pain. Christine turned her passion into a career—one that has been informed by every downward dog and scalpel cut.

Because working one client at a time is not enough, she is currently developing online educational modules for manual practitioners to learn how to do the same.


The key to prolonging a moment is to be with it, fully. This is the foundation of Christine’s Wellness treatments. There is no need to fix anything, it’s about soaking up the experience in the moment so that your nervous system can turn down the volume on your stress. Christine brings 25 years of yoga, meditation, journaling, and personal growth to her massage practice. The goal is not to induce sleep. Leading you on a guided meditation through the complexity of your body’s soft tissues, where you leave feeling integrated and at peace, that’s the goal.



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