Christine Anderson RMT, Thai Massage

Movement has long been Christine’s method for enjoyment of life. As a young person she was active by default, using a bicycle as her main mode of transportation— initially because it was the only option, and continuing for the energy it both generated and released. Later through yoga, she discovered an undeveloped capacity for strength and control that came through refining the ways in which her body moved—these controls unexpectedly reached beyond the physical, influencing her mind. Driven by an insatiable curiosity of the relationship between body and mind, she began to study anatomy.

Her work as a massage therapist has been fueled first by countless hours of observation in the laboratory of her own movement. When she entered the gross anatomy lab for the first time, a well of information spilled out of the bodies as she developed the skills to effectively study and dissect. Since beginning her learning journey, Christine has been keeping notes on the ways in which muscular function in both stillness and movement influence injury and healing. She derives great pleasure in finding the source beyond the location of your pain.

Christine began practicing thai massage in 2003. Her gross anatomy studies–originally initiated in 2005–have multiplied over the years to more than 500 hours of hands on dissection. She has been an RMT since 2012 and considers herself a life-long student.


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