Massage Therapy Approach & Rates

Christine brings more than two decades of body exploration to her massage therapy practice. When your body has aches, her goal is to hone in on the source. When you need an hour of escape, consistent pressure and flow is prioritized over releasing individual knots… the choice is always yours. 

Booking options are either Mind-Body or Pain/Injury.
This distinction encourages you to think about your goals when booking. Mind-Body, asks me to focus on what is, in the moment. Injury/Pain, tells me to look further, ask questions and help you move toward your future goals.

Integrative Mind-Body Massage Therapy

Designed to integrate body and mind for a feeling of overall wellness. The goal is to balance the nervous system, reduce stress hormones, lower heart rate and support the immune system. While the treatment includes attention to specific areas of tension, it does not address physical injury. Christine’s touch is both mindful and confident. Subjective to each client. She describes her default pressure as being moderate to deep, adaptable to your liking.

**Please note, all rates set to increase by $10 beginning on November 15, 2023**

60 Minute Wellness treatment (upper or lower body)$110
90 Minute Full Body Integrative treatment$155
Thai Massage – 90 minutes (billed as massage therapy)$155
Wellness/Injury combo (treatment only-no assessment) 75 min
Integrated treatment to address minor injury with a larger focus on overall wellness.

*Rates include HST. All massage therapy services are covered under your extended health care benefits.

Pain Reduction / Injury Rehabilitation Massage Therapy

Following a detailed assessment, a custom treatment plan begins with weekly visits (60 min) until the body begins to respond (typically 3-4 weeks). Frequency is reduced gradually as your body begins to display lasting change. Home-care exercises (less than 10 min/day) are essential to this process. We will check-in on your alignment and update exercises regularly—the goal is to have you feeling supported at every step.

The duration of a treatment plan depends on the nature of the injury/pain, how long it has been present and how consistently treatment/exercise is implemented.

Be prepared to invest in the process through consistent massage and personalized home-care exercises.

**Please note, all rates set to increase by $10 beginning on November 15, 2023**

Injury Assessment – 75 min (assessment, hands-on treatment & development of treatment plan)$140
Treatment Plan – 75 min (schedule once you’ve had an assessment and are ready move forward) Includes hands-on treatment, review of home-care exercises and treatment plan recommendations.$140
Ongoing Rehab Treatment 60 min. Comprehensive massage of areas associated with injury, regular check-ins and updates to home care exercises as needed.$118
Urgent Care 45 min. You’ve had a recent flare-up of pain and need a quick fix to stay on track. $90

*Rates include HST. All massage therapy services are covered under your extended health care benefits.

Thai Massage (on floor mats)

Thai massage is a flowing sequence of passive movements that directs circulation into the joints and stagnant areas of the body. Repetitive motion and slowly delivered pressure effortlessly coax the nervous system into a state of rest. The hallmark of thai massage is embodiment through breath. Without intention, your breath will naturally coordinate with the flow of movement, delivering renewed vitality, a feeling of connection, and deep release.

Thai is done fully clothed on floor mats. Please wear non-restrictive long pants and sleeves.

90 minutes $155 (HST included, billed as massage therapy).

Christine began her thai massage training in 2003 with the late Kam Thye Chow, founder of the Lotus Palm School in Montreal. While her practice has expanded over the years, the flow and philosophy of touch instilled by Kam Thye continue to be the foundation of her work.

watch the video for a small sample of Thai: