Accessing Mind through Body

Ever notice how repeated activity allows you to master a certain skill? You may be surprised to know that when you worry, allowing the same thoughts to circulate in the brain, you are essentially ‘mastering’ the skill of keeping that thought close.

We are all familiar with the monkey mind! What are the tools you use to quiet the chatter?

Any activity that takes you into your body sensation will eventually distract your mind and draw you away from repetitive thought. Simple activities such as walking can be helpful, however, walking for most of us is an activity that requires little to no concentration. To bypass the monkey mind, you will need to engage in an activity that requires your mind to go somewhere further than the thoughts.

Massage therapy can be an extremely effective tool. Not only is your body getting some much needed rest, the pressure on the skin and muscle draws the mind directly into the body and past nagging thoughts. The further you get from the thought, the longer it will cease to nag at you.

Try traditional or Thai massage, and challenge yourself to engage the body over the mind.

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