When was the last time you were aware of your body? 

Present in a way that did not include pain? Embodied without some kind of emotional desire? 

The workday has been reduced to the screen in front of you: looking upon your face as those on the other end of your meeting are seeing you. Adjusting lighting, background, and turning off the microphone to eliminate the sound of the actual life in your space.

In return, you receive the same false electronic interpretation of your workmates and friends. Unconsciously scanning the screen in search of humanity where it cannot exist.

Missing are the subtle exchanges that take place in a sideways glance, the accidental giggle or sigh that doesn’t get picked up by technology, the toe tapping, leaning in, or slow slouch.

The body has it’s own language AND interprets the language of others, separate from the brain. We have been reduced to images of bodies trying to communicate without being seen. The disconnection is showing up in *your body* as pain, fatigue, overwhelm.

I know this because I touch bodies.

Your body needs to feel connected again.

Move mindfully—without music or video instruction. Touch with the goal of feeling.  

E V E R Y   D A Y  

It’s important.