The Making of an RMT—part I

In January of 2000 I dislocated my collarbone in a yoga pose. Recovery was long…

I had never been as mindfully present physically, while I struggled to regain my pre-injury practice. It was a surprise to discover that my body had been quietly detailing the emotional nuances of my existence since birth. 

Looking deeply through this physical fragility brought incredible insight into who I was and why… definitely new terrain for me, but I went with it. 

I sewed green hearts onto all of my yoga shirts because in yoga speak, shoulders are an extension of the heart and I thought I could heal one through the other. 

This green-heart pic was taken 15 months after the injury—mind and body still in the early stages of their courtship.


I ask clients first, “How’s your body?”

Second, “What do you want to work on today?” Because touching your heart can start in your toes, and only you know where best to begin.

I know it’s hard to believe, but I STILL HAVE OPENINGS! This is a testament to all of my clients who make wellness a part of their life all year long 💚. Book through link in bio. Not yet a client? Reach out 💚

Stay tuned for more on the makings of an RMT— this RMT!