The Making of an RMT: Venus-Mary

Part III — rewind to 2005 and my first human dissection💀

After the skin had been cut away, a vibrant glow of yellow, pink and splashes of green emanated from our donor— fat. We carefully dissected this layer as a complete blanket and laid it down beside the newly naked structure of muscle and bone.
On the left, Venus—sensuality, intuition, emotion.
On the right, Mary—stability, strength, action.

As we examined her parts separately, she assembled in our presence, the wholeness of a human being.

I ask clients first, “How’s your body?”
Second, “What do you want to work on today?” Because you are the best one to determine what needs to be examined separately in order to become whole

It’s more than massage. It’s embodiment and integration. Tell me you don’t need that.