Can’t Sleep?

As many as 45 per cent of people worldwide suffer from some form of sleep disorder. Studies suggest a myriad of possible treatments and solutions that still seem to fall short, but there is one thing they all agree upon.  Automatic functions such as digestion, sleep-wake cycles, healing and stress management are governed by the parasympathetic nervous system. If you can access the reset button on this system, you will see all of these functions improve. Unfortunately, this system is suppressed by our stronger and more well-known counterpart, the sympathetic nervous system, also know as the fight or flight response.

By soothing the fight or flight response, functions such as sleep and digestion can return to natural order, and the solution is simple — but not easy.

The parasympathetic nervous system thrives in an environment of calm. You already know that combating stress involves commitment, and one way to kick-start a routine of self-care is through massage. Ever wonder why your stomach starts to gurgle during massage? This is your parasympathetic system activating your digestive system. Don’t apologize — we love it when we hear this sound, it means you are beginning to relax!